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4 Reasons NOT to visit a Chiropractor

If you’re looking for reasons not to visit a chiropractor, here are eight of them!

1.) You don’t have a spine. If you’re born sans spine, there’s really no need to worry about spinal degeneration, is there?

2.) If you can’t see it, it must be fine. Skin, eyes, hair, teeth… These front-facing body parts are important because other people can see them. If a healthy spine was really that important, it wouldn’t be in the back.

3.) You love taking medication. Taking risks makes life more enjoyable! Dizziness, headaches, dry mouth, constipation, seizures, cancer, death… What’s not to like about side effects?

4.) Your insurance doesn’t pay for it. Money is for important […]

Truths of Chiropractic Care

What is wellness?  And more specifically, what is wellness in conjunction with chiropractic care?  Chiropractors recognize the body’s ability to heal itself and help patients improve the function of their bodies through proper nutrition, exercise, and chiropractic treatment.

The answer to the second question can be answered through these 4 facts about chiropractic care and wellness.

4)  Symptoms, such as headaches or back pain, are not the problem, but the body’s way of alerting us to an underlying cause or issue.  If only the symptoms are treated and eliminated, then the initial cause of those symptoms is still at large.

3)  Our bodies […]